The A-Z coaching program to enhance your presentation skills and get your message across with the highest impact.


The A-Z coaching program to enhance your presentation skills and get your message across with the highest impact.

What is the Storytelling & Presentation Skills Coaching Program?

Storytelling and Presentation Skills for Leaders has been designed to help you enhance the skills you need to inspire your people and get your message across with the highest possible impact.

We are firm believers that storytelling and presentation skills are both mandatory if you want to stand out. Having a great narrative without the skills to deliver it or having a great stage presence without a strong narrative, will simply lead to a mediocre result.

You need both elements if you want to achieve your objectives and communicate your message effectively.

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20+ years in the speaking business, working with professional speakers, CEO’s, executives, entrepreneurs, authors, and TED speakers across the globe.

If you want to nail your next major client presentation, or you want to boost employee morale, or explain a business transformation or even build momentum, then this program is exactly what you need.

After many years of teaching, coaching and using storytelling techniques to help professional speakers stand out and make an impact, we’re very proud to now bring our successful methodology to senior executives who want to communicate clearly and leave a lasting positive impression that initiates action.

The Storytelling and Presentation Skills for Leaders program is delivered either via one-to-one coaching sessions or a 2 day experience-based learning program where participants learn by doing.

Choose the program that suits you best:

Choose the program that suits you best:

ONE-TO-ONE Storytelling & Presentation Skills for Leaders Coaching Program

GROUP TRAINING Storytelling & Presentation Skills for Leaders Coaching Program


Maria N. Papacosta

Speaker Manager working with elite keynote speakers | Presence & Inspired Leadership Coach | Marketing Strategy Advisor for leaders & peak performers

Maria Papacosta is a leading expert on Presence and Inspired Leadership and an acclaimed personal branding strategist. Her practical, high-energy talks and workshops provide tangible results that help people design a better version of themselves and excel in their work and life.

Maria is the co-founder of MSC Marketing Bureau. Her branding strategies have helped some of the leading thinkers of our time to spread their messages and make an impact. Maria’s mission is to help people create a better version of themselves.

Are you ready?

If you’re determined to upscale your or your team’s storytelling techniques in order to deliver your message with the highest possible impact, get in touch to schedule a quick Zoom meeting with Maria.

Please note that the introductory Zoom call (free of charge) is mandatory. We first need to ensure our compatibility prior to committing to a process of such high importance for your future.

Thank you for your trust

Maria is an outstanding Personal Branding Strategist. But that title does no justice to her breadth and quality of service. She has been instrumental in helping me develop, grow and market my brand. She is truly a trusted advisor who goes above and beyond to ensure your success.

Ravin Jesuthasan, Author, Futurist & Thought Leader on the Future of Work

Collaborating with Maria has been an extraordinary experience. Her exceptional skills in attentive listening and interpretation, combined with profound insights, illuminated a distinct pathway to success for us. Maria’s expertise is especially invaluable for professionals grappling with the challenge of expressing their Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or feeling stagnant in determining their next career move. Having Maria on your speed dial is not just a recommendation; it’s a strategic advantage.

Dr. Sizakele Marutlulle, CEO + Founder Marutlulle + C/O

You have no idea how much you are helping me at this point. The Fast Track Workshop was exactly what I needed to move on to my next steps with clarity and confidence.

Vaso Vardaki, Leadership & Team Coach, Trainer, Author, Speaker
Maria isn’t just a speaker manager; she’s a career magician, personal mentor, and, on occasion, a spontaneous therapist all rolled into one. With her guidance, my professional journey was not just about grabbing the mic, but also about growth, laughter, and some truly unforgettable backstage pep talks. If you ever have the chance to work with her, grab it – and keep an eye on her, this woman’s entrepreneurial spirit and eye for opportunities knows no limits!
Zoe Fragou, Organisational Psychologist, International Keynote Speaker, Awarded Business Coach, WHO consultant

Maria Papacosta is an exceptional Strategist for the top experts and thought leaders. Maria adds even more value to her clients by using mastery as a Presence & Impact Coach. This is a privilege to work with Maria.

Dr. Oleg Konovalov, Thought Leader, Author, #1 Global Leading Coach, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches

One of the most refreshing feelings to experience, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty, is the one of pure kindness. Met Maria Papacosta not a long time ago remotely through our network. She has been surprising me ever since with her kindness and generosity which are way over and above from what her professional role includes. Maria, people like you are blessed with the gift of energizing everyone around them and spreading inspiration. Keep up the amazing work!

Dr. Savvas Trichas, Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach
Maria’s deep knowledge and many years of experience in the speaking industry along with her marketing expertise and coaching skills make her one of a kind. She works with professionalism, integrity and mindfulness and always delivers extra value to her clients.
Cosimo Turroturro, CEO Speakers Associates

The Fast Track Strategy Session was eye-opening, informative, and inspiring. It helped me define my personal brand with clarity and passion!

Maria is the consummate professional who I trust fully because she consistently has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend MSC Bureau and their strategy process to anyone seeking to elevate their game.

Dr. Elia Gourgouris, President of The Happiness Center, Author, Speaker

If there was a “Genie” for speakers and consultants, its bottle would say MSC Bureau. These guys are ridiculously good at what they do and at the same time, the most kind and generous people you will ever meet. If you are a speaker, a consultant or anyone who wants to build a brand out of yourself, you can’t afford not to work with them.

Konstantinos Karypidis, Peak performance coach & motivational speaker



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