Also known as the crossroads
of reality and perception.


Also known as the crossroads
of reality and perception.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the marketing of individuals and their careers as brands.

Why is Personal Branding important?

Well, how far can an organization go without branding? How far can you as an individual go without branding?

No matter how good you are at whatever it is you’re doing, you need to stand out and be heard, otherwise your audience will most likely never get the chance to meet you.

Our mission in MSC is to help professionals stand out and make an impact. Without the right branding and positioning our mission cannot be accomplished.

Personal Branding starts with discovering your true self, your values and qualities and being held accountable for all your actions. It is not a self-promotion campaign. It’s about putting forward these qualities that define you as an individual and enhancing your overall professional image.

Personal Branding is not about effectively using the social media either. It’s about committing to yourself and the values you support and living by them every single day. The personal brand you design must come from the heart and must be supported 100% by everything you do. By defining and managing your personal brand, you need to become a role model and a trusted voice that others want to follow and be inspired from.

It is important to view your personal brand as a trademark that needs protection and continuous shaping and development. This trademark must be developed with the intention of how it can best serve others and not yourself. In order to build a strong personal brand, you need people to receive clear benefits from being associated with you.

Do you know what your personal brand is?

Hmmm… according to a Forbes survey, 70% thought they knew what their personal brand was, but only 15% were right.
Personal branding is not what you think of yourself. It’s about how others perceive you.
Designing how others perceive you is a science.

Working with us

Working together on your Personal Branding we’ll help you:

  • Understand your brand and design your personal authentic narrative.
  • Build your online presence to reflect your brand.
  • Teach you how to connect with influencers and leading authorities in your area.

  • Master your social media presence.

  • Arrange media interviews.

  • Networking to achieve results.

  • Establish your leading position.

  • Build your Persona.

  • Effectively tell your story.

Are you ready to stand out?

Thank you for your trust

Maria is an outstanding Personal Branding Strategist. But that title does no justice to her breadth and quality of service. She has been instrumental in helping me develop, grow and market my brand. She is truly a trusted advisor who goes above and beyond to ensure your success.

Ravin Jesuthasan, Author, Futurist & Thought Leader on the Future of Work

Maria Papacosta is an exceptional Personal Branding Strategist for the top experts and thought leaders. Maria adds even more value to her clients by using mastery as a Presence & Impact Coach. This is a privilege to work with Maria.

Dr. Oleg Konovalov, Thought Leader, Author, #1 Global Leading Coach, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches

One of the most refreshing feelings to experience, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty, is the one of pure kindness. Met Maria Papacosta not a long time ago remotely through our network. She has been surprising me ever since with her kindness and generosity which are way over and above from what her professional role includes. Maria, people like you are blessed with the gift of energizing everyone around them and spreading inspiration. Keep up the amazing work!

Dr. Savvas Trichas, Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach

If there was a “Genie” for speakers and consultants, its bottle would say MSC Bureau. These guys are ridiculously good at what they do and at the same time, the most kind and generous people you will ever meet. If you are a speaker, a consultant or anyone who wants to build a brand out of yourself, you can’t afford not to work with them.

Konstantinos Karypidis, Peak performance coach & motivational speaker
Maria’s deep knowledge and many years of experience in the speaking industry along with her marketing expertise and coaching skills make her one of a kind. She works with professionalism, integrity and mindfulness and always delivers extra value to her clients.
Cosimo Turroturro, CEO Speakers Associates

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