Quality over Quantity.

We live in a very noisy world. Everyone is desperately trying to have the loudest voice. However, very few are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and put in the extra effort in order to succeed.

At MSC Marketing Bureau we work with the ones who value quality over quantity and are not afraid to go that extra mile to produce extraordinary results.

We work with the ones who understand that you can never stand out while trying to fit in.

We work with the ones who have a vision and want to bring positive change.

Above all, we work with those who are honest to themselves, humble and kind and share their knowledge with the world aiming to help others succeed.

These people don’t need to scream to be heard. They only need to whisper.

Our mission is to help these professionals stand out and make an impact by nurturing their authentic leadership and building their brand voice.


We are passionate about what we do and this is why we work with the best.

We are committed to bringing results and work hard to maintain our and our clients leading position. We believe that each and every one of us can make a difference and a contribution to the world we live in. We also know that the vast majority of people will never be willing to make the sacrifices required to reach their professional goals. We work with the ones that are committed to their goals and understand the hard work involved in order to eventually stand out and make an impact.

We are different. We take pride in being different and doing things our own way. If you’re trying to fit in you’ll end up copying what others are already doing better than you. We are curious, on an ongoing journey of rediscovering ourselves, learning and relearning in order to earn the title of trusted advisors by our clients.

Maria Papacosta
Head of Coaching & Branding

Thanassis Tzanos
Head of Digital & Online Services