Quality over Quantity.

We live in a very noisy world. Everyone is desperately trying to have the loudest voice. However, very few are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and put in the extra effort in order to succeed.

At MSC Marketing Bureau we work with the ones who value quality over quantity and are not afraid to go that extra mile to produce extraordinary results.

We work with the ones who understand that you can never stand out while trying to fit in.

We work with the ones who have a vision and want to bring positive change.

Above all, we work with those who are honest to themselves, humble and kind and share their knowledge with the world aiming to help others succeed.

These people don’t need to scream to be heard. They only need to whisper.

Our mission is to help these professionals stand out and make an impact by nurturing their authentic leadership and building their brand voice.


We are passionate about what we do and this is why we work with the best.

We are committed to bringing results and work hard to maintain our and our clients leading position. We believe that each and every one of us can make a difference and a contribution to the world we live in. We also know that the vast majority of people will never be willing to make the sacrifices required to reach their professional goals. We work with the ones that are committed to their goals and understand the hard work involved in order to eventually stand out and make an impact.

We are different. We take pride in being different and doing things our own way. If you’re trying to fit in you’ll end up copying what others are already doing better than you. We are curious, on an ongoing journey of rediscovering ourselves, learning and relearning in order to earn the title of trusted advisors by our clients.

Maria Papacosta
Head of Coaching & Branding

Maria Papacosta is a marketing and communication specialist with over 20 years of business experience.

After a successful career in marketing in leading organizations, Maria established her own boutique event management firm, Happy Creations, and immediately became the exclusive representative of Speakers Associates Bureau in more than 20 countries. Having worked for over a decade with leading personalities and thought leaders, the company eventually transformed into working with world class experts in order to provide customized consulting solutions and high-end tailored made development programs.

No matter of experience or status, Maria discovered that all executives, leaders and even keynote speakers and thought leaders had one thing in common. They all needed reassurance that they performed well during a meeting, a performance, an interview or a keynote. They were all concerned about the way their message was coming across and the impact they were making.

Maria teamed with Thanassis Tzanos to create MSC Bureau in order to help professionals stand out and make an impact by nurturing their authentic leadership and building their brand voice.

Maria now works as a speaker manager with selected thought leaders and amazing speakers. She also works with senior executives, speakers and celebrities as a Presence, Inspired Leadership & Personal Branding Coach, helping them to bring forth their authentic leadership qualities and inspire their teams and audiences.

Along with her team she has achieved outstanding customer loyalty with repeat clients in Europe, USA, Africa and Asia such as Sanofi, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, KPMG, SAP, Pepsi, Bayer, Toyota, Deutsche Telekom, Apple, Vodafone and HSBC.

Maria holds an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Aston University, a BSc in Social Policy and Marketing from London Metropolitan University, and a Specialization degree on Inspired Leadership from Case Western Reserve University. She is a Certified Visionary Leadership Coach (OKVLC), an NLP Associate Practitioner, a certified Practitioner of the Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360 Assessment) by Marshall Goldsmith, and a TEDx Speaker Coach & Curator.

In 2021 Maria was named as one of the Top100 Global Inspirational Leaders by PeopleHum and was a finalist for the 2021 Global Women in Leadership Award by She Inspires. In 2022 Maria has been recognized by The Brainz CREA Global Awards, a prestigious list of top entrepreneurs and influential leaders, who have been recognized for their innovative ideas, resourcefulness, and accomplishments.

I was born in Athens, Greece, took my first steps in Jordan, said my first words in Germany and found myself studying at University in the UK. My multicultural background gave me many strengths such as connecting with people with ease and being comfortable with operating in constantly changing environments.

I have always been an introvert and extremely shy person. What a great combination! All my life I’ve been told that these two characteristics were weaknesses and that success would hardly come my way unless I did something about these ‘defects’.

After, 15+ years of working with the best I can now say with great confidence that a) nothing comes your way unless your strive for it and b) if you want to make an impact you need to be the best at what you do and communicate it in the most effective way.

I’ve worked with Prime Ministers and Nobel Laureates, amazing NASA scientists, Olympic athletes and some really challenging CEOs. They all worked extremely hard (and please don’t give me the nonsense that it’s not about hard, it’s all about working smart. Success equals hard work and I put a full stop there) and they all realized the power of their personal brand. To my surprise, many of these leading figures were introverts, shy and even just like me, both. They all knew that their personal brand and presence was their greatest assets and they continually invested in their development. Personal branding, Inspired Leadership and Presence are not tools. They are a journey in which you must deliver to a standard of expectations that you have designed for yourself and for those who are inspired by you. You live your everyday committing to the values you support that make up your brand. You live your brand.

You will not go very far if you try to fit in. The best you’ll manage is to copy well someone else but you’ll always be second. If you want to make an impact, you need to think different from the rest, discover your authentic style, appreciate the criticism you will receive, reach higher levels of self-awareness and ultimately make a positive impact to the world.

After so many years, I’m very fortunate to still learn from the best.

If you want to work with me send me a message on maria@mscbureau.com and let me know if I can help in any way, or follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram to get my latest thoughts on living your brand.

Thanassis Tzanos
Head of Digital & Online Services

Thanassis started working as soon as he entered University. Eager to learn everything around the business world he would move from department to department to learn every function that makes up a business. He moved from production to finance, to marketing to sales and eventually held CEO roles with a major focus in managing and delivering successful turnarounds.

His scope however had always been around Information Technology and the Internet. He would spend hours studying everything he could get his hands on related to his passion. Eventually he decided to leave the corporate world and establish his own e-commerce business where he could combine his passion with his expertise.

In the meantime he partnered with Maria to establish MSC Marketing Bureau where Thanassis acts as the CEO and also leads the team of Internet specialists, social media experts and graphic designers.

Thanassis now works with his team to develop web sites for highly successful professionals, to enhance social media presence, to help setup webinar presence, to design and produce videos and to develop all online communication tools such as newsletters, blogs, online surveys, custom applications etc.

His business acumen and marketing experience combined with his technological expertise ensure that all of our creations are aligned to our clients’ brands and our purpose driven process results to effective end products that meet their purpose.

I was born in Athens, Greece, and studied Business Administration (ah, the family aspirations) in Greece and in the UK.

Ever since I got my (legendary) Amstrad 6128, I fell in love with computers and everything hardware and software related. Therefore, I’m really passionate with everything around what I do in MSC Marketing Bureau, from day to day operations, to working with such amazing and inspiring clients, to leading a talented IT team and delivering services that enable our clients to live their brands.

After so many years in the front line, Bill Taylor’s phrase in one of his Harvard Business Review stories is now striking to me as more relevant than ever: “Technology matters most when it is in the service of a compelling strategy.” Everything we do in MSC is part of a greater strategy. I’m proud of our purpose driven approach to everything we design and create. Everything we do starts with Who? Followed by Why? Followed by What? Leading back to Who. We have an innate curiosity that helps us deliver the unexpected.

Online presence is not about social media. If you’re looking to increase your followers just for the sake of it, then we’re definitely not what you need. Online presence must reflect your authentic self. It is a complex science that requires attention to detail and a clear branding strategy. We’re living in an online world. Is your online presence sending out the right message? Are you making a positive impact?

Take small and steady steps when building your online presence. You can’t achieve everything at once. I’m a great fan of breaking down a strategy into small manageable projects. Keep things simple and doable.

I’m not a big talker and I could even skip a Champions League game (unless Panathinaikos is playing) in order to complete a project faster. And as you’ve realized by my last statement, I’m usually honest. If there is one thing all our clients say about our online presence work is that we’re unbelievably fast.

If I can be of help, send me a message on atzanos@mscbureau.com .